Tips to help you train this winter

Winter is a tough time to be out training.  Strong winds, ice and driving rain are pretty constant from December until February.  Check out some simple tips on how to brave it this winter.

Wearing the right clothing

There is now an abundance of warm but breathable fabrics out there and the manufacturers have made the most of them. Warm materials are obviously great but they must be breathable to stop you feeling like a boil in the bag.  Windproof clothing is particularly clever keeping you warm, dry and protected from cold wind.

Merino Wool items are amazing, currently top of the list.  Warm, breathable, sweat wicking and also anti bacterial so they never smell!

Accept some indoor training

Switching to some indoor training either in the gym or at home in the garage is a lifesaver.  There are times when you just don’t have the heart to face the cold.  Loud music and motivation essential.

Come spring you will appreciate these sessions.


A warm hat, socks, some decent gloves or a breathable scarf (the best) can make all the difference on a cold run or cycle.  Better to have them and have to stuff them in a pocket than get cold extremities!

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