6 day food plan for Health / Weight Loss

A common problem when trying to eat healthily can be choosing what works.  Our main concern is with foods that are high in nutrients, high in fibre and release energy slowly.  Check out the meals below, some simple but easily repeatable meal options.

You will notice there are only 6 days..as always, day 7 eat what you like!

Many of these meals can be tweaked or combined as necessary.  Everyone has personal preferences and it’s important to eat what works for you. If you suspect allergies, particularly to wheat, milk or nuts then go for other options.

Essentially we are always trying to educate on lots of fruit, veg and lean protein – these are some practical suggestions along those lines.


Slow release as always is the key, and adding protein will boost metabolism for the day as well as keeping hunger at bay. A decent breakfast is shown to dictate how well the rest of the days food goes.

Porridge with berries and honey – tasty

Smoked Salmon and boiled eggs – high protein amazing breakfast

Beans and scrambled eggs and chorizo – good energy, easy on the chorizo

Porridge with bananas and cinammon  – porridge..so good we have it in twice

Fresh Fruit and yoghurt – quick and simple

Homemade muesli – natural oats, loaded with seeds and nuts



Again slow release, high nutrient meals are the key.  Avoid packet food, shop sandwiches and quick fixes like the plague.  

Tuna salad – your choice of salad veggies.  Go fresh herbs and try spinach leaves.

Chicken salad – again, so good we have salad twice.

Quinoa cucumber and protein – meat, fish or beans.  Quinoa is a power food, complete with essential fats and protein!

Beans and eggs – quick and easy

Turkey wraps – even quicker and easier

Protein jacket – handy for ‘bought lunch’ tuna works well


By dinner time, it’s plain sailing.  Keep it fresh, simple and portion size should be medium not large.  Some dinners work great as lunch the following day.  

Fresh fish and vegetables – Any fish, any veggies (ideally twice a week)

Chilli Con Carne – try minimal or brown rice, lots of the chilli.

Spag Bol – try minimal or brown pasta, lots of the Bol

Homemade Beefburgers, sweet pots, sweetcorn – Use fresh lean steak mince with onion (no buns), Sweet potatoe chips in olive oil and corn on the cob.  Amazing, almost like junk food!

Cajun Chicken and Roasted veggies – Another great lean protein and vegetable option, Also great in salad

Salmon chillie lime noodles – Fresh salmon on noodles, topped with soy sauce, fresh lime and chillies.