Right back to basics

Getting fit can be a real challenge, but it’s on your agenda come new year, so it’s time to get off the sofa. The importance of getting the real basics right cannot be over emphasized.  Here we look 5 very simple but important factors in succeeding with regular exercise.

The fundamentals of our training are like the foundation of a building, they need to be there for everything else to work right.  It is worth revisiting these points at a later time.


Find the exercise to suit you

You are more likely to enjoy exercise and hence continue exercising if you find the activity to suit you.  If you prefer to be outside then find an outdoor sport that you enjoy. If you hate the gym, hours sat on the rowing machine will not prove too successful.


Set goals

Setting targets is a positive way to really achieve your goals. By simply saying “I want to get fit” you are being too broad, so be more specific by having a measurable goal in a certain time frame.  A better approach would be  “I want to be able to run 5k by May”  – measurable and time specific.


Find a training buddy

After a tough day at work you really just want to have some comfort food and flake out in front of the TV.  Not the case if that means letting your friend down at the last minute.  Having a training buddy gives you more motivation and makes you more accountable.


You are what you eat

What we put into our bodies is essential to good energy levels, vitality and health.  When you feel good you have more energy to exercise, recover better and see results immediately.  A proven technique is eating well 6 days a week and reward yourself by having the things you enjoy on day 7 – just make sure you go back to eating well again the following week!


You have to really want it!

This is the bottom line if you really want to get results.  Remember the last time you really wanted something and got it – work, family, anything.  That desire is unstoppable, so remind yourself every day what you want to achieve and you will see results.