Optimal recovery from exercise

Following any type of  training, top of the list for the following 36-48 hours is recovery.  Here we will look at what happens during the recovery cycle and offer some simple ways to speed up recovery.

Recovery really is the crucial phase after all the hard work and sweat in order to accomplish two main things.  These are the body adapting the the training (becoming fitter/stronger) and allowing the body to be repaired before the next workout.  This will be specific to the type of training we have done as well as the all important intensity.

It goes without saying they quicker we can recover, the more often we can workout, the fitter we become!

Now, the fun bit – ways to improve recovery from exercise.

Eating beforehand

Yes, this sound silly, but the nutrients available to the body before and even during exercise are important.  Starting training on an empty tank leaves more refuelling for later.  Levels of essential nutrients such as protein in the body will help start the recovery process earlier.


The key to recovery is good rest, particular sleep.  Top athletes are know to sleep up to 12 hours a day in order to improve recovery.  A decent 8 hours will always be better than 6.  A daytime short nap is a great pastime!

Post exercise nutrition

This is a whole new article in itself.  What we eat in the 20 minutes following training drops straight in, and the rest of the day is key as well.  Protein and carbohydrates are of particular interest in the following 2 hours.

Active recovery

A light form of exercise such as walking will increase bloodflow and nutrients to the damaged areas, improving recovery more than just lying on the sofa!  No excuses there.

Simon Lesser works as a Personal Trainer at BourneFit Personal Training Studio in Bournemouth.  For more info visit us at www.bourne-fit.co.uk.