Great Breakfast Ideas

The best start to any day, a healthy nutritious breakfast.  Hard to believe some people fill their bowls with sugary processed cereal or even skip it all together.   Try some of the following for more energy to your day..

Fresh fruit smoothie – loaded with antioxidants, high in fibre and as much variety as you like.  Try bananas, melon, any berries, peaches etc for best results.  Even add some oats, seeds or yoghurt for extra protein.

Eggs – Loaded with nutritents, eggs done any way but fried are a great start to the day.  Loaded with protein for a slow release.

Porridge – Much slower releasing than breakfast cereals and easy to add cinammon, berries, honey or seeds.

Natural Muesli – Beware of pre bought sugar content, better still make your own. Can be stacked with nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

Fresh fruit and natural yoghurt – An easy, nutritious option with lots of longevity


Finally – Beware the sugar.  Easy options are bread based options or pre packed cereals that tend to be high in sugar, low in fibre and leave you feeling pretty flat well before lunchtime.