Fitness Basics: the FITT principle

The FITT principle is the basic principle of training and something that works very well, however long you have been exercising for.  FITT is an acronym for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. It works on the four basic elements of a training plan, which all need to be planned together in relation to each other.

Training 4 times a week is great, but if it’s too easy, not long enough or the wrong activity then the results will be minimal.  Likewise a solid gym session once a week with nothing in between has limited benefit.


In simple terms how often we are training.  This is easily broken down into weekly proportions, and can be anything from once per week for recreational to even twice a day for advanced athletes.


This is described as the intensity or difficulty of the workouts, such as how fat you run or how high your heart rate is.  Probably the most important element for those really needing to gain fitness.


The amount of time we spend exercising is important.  30 minutes may be enough for some, whereas a marathoner runner definitely needs to be doing several hours.


The type of training we do is very specific to the results we expect to gain.  Weight training will not improve fitness dramatically for example.


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