Fitness apps you can’t live without

Whatever your level, every little motivation helps.   For some it may be simply trying to stay on track, for others it may be looking for that extra 1% performance. Here we look at  a range of apps on PC and smartphones you simply can’t live without.


1. Weather apps

If you trek, run, cycle, golf or even walk the dog it’s handy to keep an eye on the UK weather conditions.  There are a couple of apps here – the first one being the good old consistent Met Office.  Updates are regular and pretty accurate.


For rain forecasts there are a range, our favourite being  It shows accurate satellite images of cloud and rainfall over the previous 2 hours, perfect for working out what’s coming in.

2.Weight trackers

Trying to lose weight? A very simple weight tracking app is brilliant.  You can set up daily reminders, set target weights and most importantly see progress.  Our favourite is probably Recstyle which is quick, clean and easy to use.




If you haven’t tried this yet, you’re in for a treat.  Strava is great for running/cycling, tracking your route, speed, temperature that sort of thing.  Users can map out ‘strava sections’, timed sections and anyone passing through that section gets added to a leaderboard.  Brilliant for that boring work commute or killer hill.   Strava is also brilliant for tracking fitness and training.


Check it out at


4. Myfitnesspal

We use this for the nutrition end of things.  It’s very easy to add foods to and churns out all the stats you ever need related to carbs, fats, proteins etc.  You can even hook up with friends or check in with weight loss.  We use it  to measure the holy grail which is grams of carbohydrates.  If you have not done this before, book in and come in to see us!


We find fitnesspal very helpful and informative, a must for anyone trying improve eating habits.


Hopefully you found this helpful!  For any further info, how to use these apps to great effect, fitness and nutrition visit the BourneFit Personal Training website, we are happy to help.