Fat Storers and Burners – Part II

We recently did an article on foods and factors that store or burn fat.  As an add on to this, we can look a little deeper into the hormones responsible and what we can do to encourage fat burning.

The enemy – Insulin

Insulin is released from the pancreas and in short take energy from food out of the bloodstream and stores it in the body.     This is a healthy response by the body in relation to high levels of sugar that can damaging.

The important bit to remember here is, the  higher the rush of blood sugar, the more insulin is released to bring this down.  The more insulin released the more the body is storing it’s energy, essentially in muscle, but when these are full in excess fat stores.  Ouch.

The helper – Glucagon

Glucagon is the equal and opposite to insulin.  It encourage and mobilizes fat in order to obtain energy, the essence of what many weight loss plans should be about.

How to balance the two.  

Eating sugary or ‘high glycaemic’ foods, that release energy quickly encourages insulin levels.  We all have different thresholds and sensitivities, but essentially avoid anything fast releasing.

When we eat slow release foods, especially protein type foods, glucagon is encouraged.  Generally these foods make us feel fuller for longer and give us goods energy.  We now know they also encourage the body to burn fat another great reason.