Motivation versus goals

This time of year many people are trying to get back to their fitness or even start a new campaign altogether.  By far the biggest factor to success (in literally anything!) is motivation.  Without motivation it’s a tough process and with motivation almost anything can be achieved.

The problem for most of us….motivation goes up and down.

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It happens.  This may be a clean lean diet, starting a new sport, losing weight, whatever.  This is where goal setting comes in.  Goals keep the motivation high, keep us on track and give us somewhere to head for.  It makes sense to set goals, especially for getting fit and losing weight, so here are a couple of tips on setting goals..

  • Short to medium term goals work best.  Think 6-12 weeks.
  • Make your goal specific.  “Getting fitter” is too vague, instead go for “do some exercise 3 times a week for a whole month” or “jog 2k non stop”.
  • Reward yourself.  When you get there (and you will) build in a mini reward.  “If I lose 4 kg I will buy those trainers I want”.
  • Set the difficulty right not too easy and not impossible either.

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7 top tips for health you may have forgotten

It’s often the same in so many aspects of life.  The simple things done well make the biggest difference.  Here are 7 top tips you may have forgotten about which will all improve your health and fitness.


1. Chew your food properly

How easy it is to wolf a plate of food in 10 seconds.  Chewing food properly not only helps your digestive system but also allows the stomach to let the brain know you’ve had enough.  Plus you have a better relationship with food by enjoying it more.


2. Don’t skimp on footwear

From a pair of running trainers to weekend pumps, don’t buy cheap shoes (wife if you are reading this please ignore).  Our foot health is very important for mechanics further up the body and decent footwear really is worth every penny.


3. Eat the proper version

In as many aspects as possible, eat the proper full fat, unadulterated version.  It may be higher in calories or you may think it’s bad for your health but it’s probably better.  Diet drinks are a classic example.  Eat full fat yoghurts, butter, everything in it’s least processed version.


4. Drink enough

It’s amazing, still how many people don’t drink enough.  Salt intake, hot weather, caffeine and exercise will all affect water levels, so drink up until your wee is pale or clear.

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5. Goals and rewards

Set goals for yourself, be it weight loss, fitness or health goals.  You are more likely to achieve them this way.  A handy way of succeeding is also to build in rewards.


6. Have fun

Frisbee in the park or a grueling gym session.  I know which one I’d rather choose!


7. Go long and easy

Long steady exercise sessions have profound effects on fitness.  Think long walks down the beach with an ice cream half way or weekend bike rides in the forest.  This way of getting fit is often overlooked, but is probably the way we are designed to work..


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Why Girls Should Be Lifting Weights (Sarah’s Story)

It’s nice to be strong…….

Lets clear one thing up for woman that want to get into lifting…….weight training isn’t going to turn  into a muscle clad monster with veins like electrical wire and arms thicker than your legs! This happens to men because of testosterone. As woman have less of this hormone they get all the benefits of weight training without lots of excess muscle. By benefits we mean, improved muscle tone, boosted metabolism, increased fat loss, better posture, higher lean mass, increased bone density, better immune response, and best of all….STRENGTH!

Enter Sarah…….

Last year Sarah returned from Australia with her husband and young baby and caught the bug for lifting weights. Before moving to Oz, Sarah had been coming into the gym with us for our group sessions. She laid down a good foundation in resistance and cardio training in these sessions , though it wasn’t until after having her baby in Oz Sarah really started enjoying lifting heavy weights! Back in England she was doing bootcamps, but hadn’t got back into the weight training like she wanted. So I gave Sarah a proposition…….


How’s this sound?…..

I thought it would be great to see what you could be achieved in a short time and no junk training! So could we improve the four biggest compound Strength movements with just one and a half hours of training a week?

Lets see what you’ve got……

We made a record of how much Sarah could lift for one rep in Squats, Deadlifts, Clean and Press, and Bench press. We also took her weight and body fat percentages. Over the next month and a half we had two 45 minute sessions a week. We had a Squat and Clean and Press specific session, and a Dealift and Bench press specific session. These sessions were about quality over quantity! We didn’t waste time with empty reps and constant repetition of the same movements. We chose appropriate exercises with weights to build motor patterns, reinforce movements and help areas of her posture that needed correcting….over the 6 weeks WE DIDN’T TEST STRENGTH, WE BUILT IT!

This is where she started…..

pressAt the start, Sarah’s stats were:

Weight: 57.5kg

Bodyfat: 25%

Squat:  55kg

Deadlifts: 80kg

Clean and Press: 30kg

Bench Press: 40kg


In 6 weeks……

DeadBy the end Sarah’s stats looked like this,

Weight: 58.4kg

Bodyfat: 24% = 1% drop….which means a 0.6kg reduction in bodyfat, and a 0.3kg increase in lean mass!

Squat: 70kg = 15kg increase

Deadlift: 90kg = 10kg increase

Clean and Press: 45kg = 15kg increase

Bench: 50kg = 10kg increase


squatThe outcome…..

Sarah didn’t change her diet, or dramatically change her training, she just added 1.5 hours of very specific, quality strength training. Her body shape has changed for the better, with a massive increase in muscle tone, shape, improved posture and a drop in body fat. The biggest thing to take away from this is Sarah’s increase in strength! She’s feeling more confident because she’s stronger!


Where do you start?

Getting started is the hard bit…Don’t know where to start? What you need to be doing? Don’t want to fight your way through all the muscly blokes in the weights section of the gym, or an injury or posture problem holding you back? We can help!

We can take you through the best way to train, show you whats safe and what are the effective ways to exercise with weights. All to getting you on the path to making you a leaner, stronger and better version of yourself

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Foolproof fitness, our approach..

A little while ago we posted a short article on ’20 minutes or bust’ helping us to re think the quality of our training (see it here).  New years resolution time and possible even time to start getting in shape for the spring/summer let’s look at quality.   Whatever your goals, big or small, these two points cannot be emphasized enough…

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The trick to good training is it’s always specific and therefore we need to get specific in our approach.  What is it we are really after?  For many it’s simply a case of wanting to feel healthier and more ‘in shape’.  Again we need to drill down to exactly what needs to be done to get to that stage.

We really need to drill down to what’s most important…

Let’s start with a quick overview on the elements of fitness and what can be done in minimum time (again).  It’s important to work out your highest priorities..

Fitness – aerobic fitness can be boosted easily with a total workload of say 5 x 1 minute intervals (painful but effective!).

Strength/toning – we don’t need to train like bodybuilders.  Personally I only do 20 minutes of gym work twice a week.

Flexibility – stretching is often best done 3 x 5 minutes a day regularly.

Weight loss – it’s more than half nutrition, make small changes to your diet

Nutrition – basic natural foods still rule!

Along these lines, incidentally we currently run 45 minute Personal Training sessions based on higher quality in less time.

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..then we need to make choices we can stick to

Where do you see your time best spent?  Do you love/hate the gym?  What did you spend time doing as a kid?

We need to work to our strengths and weaknesses here as we should be in all areas of life.  I have heard people say “I should be running to burn calories” or “what’s going to get me fittest?”.  The obvious answer is if you are naturally ok at running and can tough out the weather, go running.  If it hurts like hell, have a history of knee pain and hate the outdoors don’t do it!

The most effective exercises are the ones you will stick to.  Some people need more motivation and maybe choose events to build up to.  Others prefer team sports, individual sports, grunting weights, hitting things or climbing hills.  Often lots of variety will help and remember it’s all very individual and not necessarily forever.  Don’t be afraid to experiment..and definitely come and see us for a session to make a good start on things..


At BourneFit we are about quality training that’s right for you and choices that you’ll stick to.  

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Fitness apps you can’t live without

Whatever your level, every little motivation helps.   For some it may be simply trying to stay on track, for others it may be looking for that extra 1% performance. Here we look at  a range of apps on PC and smartphones you simply can’t live without.


1. Weather apps

If you trek, run, cycle, golf or even walk the dog it’s handy to keep an eye on the UK weather conditions.  There are a couple of apps here – the first one being the good old consistent Met Office.  Updates are regular and pretty accurate.


For rain forecasts there are a range, our favourite being  It shows accurate satellite images of cloud and rainfall over the previous 2 hours, perfect for working out what’s coming in.

2.Weight trackers

Trying to lose weight? A very simple weight tracking app is brilliant.  You can set up daily reminders, set target weights and most importantly see progress.  Our favourite is probably Recstyle which is quick, clean and easy to use.




If you haven’t tried this yet, you’re in for a treat.  Strava is great for running/cycling, tracking your route, speed, temperature that sort of thing.  Users can map out ‘strava sections’, timed sections and anyone passing through that section gets added to a leaderboard.  Brilliant for that boring work commute or killer hill.   Strava is also brilliant for tracking fitness and training.


Check it out at


4. Myfitnesspal

We use this for the nutrition end of things.  It’s very easy to add foods to and churns out all the stats you ever need related to carbs, fats, proteins etc.  You can even hook up with friends or check in with weight loss.  We use it  to measure the holy grail which is grams of carbohydrates.  If you have not done this before, book in and come in to see us!


We find fitnesspal very helpful and informative, a must for anyone trying improve eating habits.


Hopefully you found this helpful!  For any further info, how to use these apps to great effect, fitness and nutrition visit the BourneFit Personal Training website, we are happy to help.






The Wightlink Challenge – event preparation

In a few weeks we are due to participate in the Wightlink Challange, a triathlon type event consisting of mountain biking, kayaking and trail running as a team of 3.  Sounds tough?  Well it is, but it’s much easier with the right preparation.

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So how do you train for such an event?

Most events like this are based on endurance, involving the body’s ability to work for long periods.  Training for any event is obviously specific to the distance and type of activity.  In this case initially we need the basics – to be able to complete an 18 mile ride, a 2 mile kayak and an 8 mile run.  Typically you would train these separately on different days.

That’s the easy bit.   Sometimes this is all someone has time for as they may need a number of months to build up to those distances.  It just takes some time.

How to improve performance..

Here’s the fun part.  Simply doing those disciplines and distance over and over is limited (and tiring).  Once the endurance is there it’s often more effective to improve efficiency, strength and speed.

Take the run.  Instead of running regular 8 miles it pays dividends to run 4 x 1 mile at a quicker pace.  This improves strength and speed training the body to run quicker.  4 miles is plenty at this intensity and definitely time well spent.

photo (4)

A typical training schedule..

Monday –  Easy 20 mile ride

Tuesday – 4 x 1 mile runs

Wednesday – off

Thursday – Rowing machine and circuit training

Friday – Combined 3 mile run and 10 mile ride (90% tough pace)

Saturday – easy 8 mile run

Sunday – eat and sleep!

Looking at this schedule simplifies things and hopefully illustrates where the smart training is as well as the race distance.  This could be applied to most events and sports.  The event intensity and duration is important but often gains are (once again) made through doing less with emphasis on quality.

Having seen how hard we are working here’s the plea for sponsorship – anything you can is great!




20 minutes or bust!

Over the years, workouts whether in or out of the gym have changed.  One thing that seems be more and more relevant to most people nowadays is shorter more efficient workouts.

What are your top reasons for training? It may be one of the following:




Cardio fitness

Weight loss


Core stability

The good news is that any of the above can be achieved in well under the conventional hour workout.  In fact 20 minutes is often enough.

Remember the key rule of exercise.  Do something that makes the body respond, essentially we are trying to overload the body.  Here are a couple of examples of how you can ‘get it done’ in just 20 minutes..

Cardio – much research shows the best gains in fitness are intervals.  Perform a good worm up then aim for 5 x 1 minute intervals at 95% followed by very easy 1 minute recovery.  Cooldown and stretch, job done!

Weight loss – a very effective weight loss specific workout would be a workout before breakfast on an empty stomach. 15 minutes of cycling or running followed by a 5 minute mini circuit for fat burning all day.

For many a huge barrier to exercise is time – well guess what, not any more.  The more of these types of workouts we do, the better we feel and the fitter we get.  This is a massive motivator and a brilliant way of including exercise into a busy schedule.

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Everything in moderation

Very wise words indeed, but this phrase seems to creep in more and more in the field of fitness and nutrition.  Let’s look at a few simple examples from both ends of the spectrum.

In training for example, lifting heavy weights to failure or working hard on a sprint training session is a fantastic way to progress.  Following one of these sessions the body needs recovery.  Going out the next day and smashing it all over again, or doing a similar intensity breakthrough workout does not work.

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The same can be said of any key nutrient (of which there are hundreds).  Most vitamins and minerals have a healthy effect on the body in some way.  But take an excess and often the overdose symptoms can be horrible and if there are no overdose symptom we need to consider that all nutrients work in harmony with each other.  Excess of one will often cause an imbalance in another.

At the other end let’s look at what we’ll all be eating this summer – ice cream.  Now, I’m not saying go out and and pound the ice cream day after day, but the odd bowl or cone won’t hurt.  In fact, if it’s good quality ice cream, there’s decent cream in there which is slow release treat and a little now and again is ok.

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Finally, stress.  We need a little of this stuff to get us out of bed in the mornings and perform optimally.  Too much will play havoc with hormone levels, stop you recovering from training, stop you losing weight and make you feel rubbish.

So remember…

Really tough workouts are great – but are only suitable a couple of times a week.

Vitamin and mineral intake or even supplementation is good for health – but in balance.

Don’t make trips to the New Forest Ice Cream factory each week for 5 litre tubs!

Avoid too much stress, put your trainers on and go for a hike in the forest.


BourneFit Personal Training – helping you reach your goals this year

With spring just about here and summer around the corner (believe it or not!) now is the obvious time to start honing the body for the beach.  Come and see us for a kickstart!

Time moves too quickly and there are too many barriers to reaching our fitness, weight loss or health goals.  The truth is there’s never a better time than now.  Here are some gems of motivation, reasons why we need to take action or pick up the pace.

bournemouth personal training 1. You need to do less than you think. Much of what we are practising now and where research is taking us is into doing the minimum amount possible to get the body to respond.

Good news for most, 30 minutes of exercise is pretty effective and in most cases ticks all the boxes. Whether it’s toning, strength or cardio we are confident with our help we can deliver this in 30 minutes of proper training.

2. You don’t have to be hungry to lose weight Being constantly ravenous will encourage weight loss for sure, but for how long.  In simple terms the higher the hunger, the lower the will power.  Eating a balanced, nutritious diet to balance blood sugar and energy levels is the best solution.

We have lots of success with nutritional strategy for weight loss based on balancing blood sugar and encouraging the body to burn fat.

3. Sit down and think about it We spend lots of time working out weekly and monthly training programs that work.  Hate the gym?  Don’t go.  Find something more satisfying that you are likely to continue.

4.  Knowledge is power A great way to succeed at something is to have an understanding of it.  With knowledge comes motivation as it’s always train and eat this way – knowing what is happening.

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