Barefoot Running

Here we will look at barefoot running that has increased in popularity so much. Simply what is barefoot running and why do it?

What is barefoot running?

It is in the title. A number of people are literally ditching the trainers and running as nature intended. For some this is too extreme, and many footwear brands are now producing barefoot running shoes with very little support to give the same feel but protecting the feet.

Why try barefoot activities?

There are many reasons why people decide to give barefoot running a try. We may be inspired by research showing improved performance or reduced injury. It may be simply liking the sound of this activity, doing something that feels right, or as a new challenge, something fun to pursue.


Research showing reduced chance of injuries

Running barefoot forces a different technique to running with conventional trainers. In fact there is research to show the more expensive the running trainers, the more the chances of injury increase. Reduced chances of injuries may be just one of many reasons.

It feels good!

Remember as a child, running free, barefoot on sand or grass. It was a great feeling. Many of us like to return to this place and barefoot activities can take us there. Without trainers, running becomes simple and more natural.

Barefoot running for a change of scene

For some who maybe never really clicked with running this can be a chance to make it different or more fun. For those of us who have run for years, the idea sounds great and offers a new challenge.