5 Top Tips to survive Christmas

It’s that time of year, no denying it.  Check out these 5 top tips from BourneFit Personal Training in Bournemouth. Follow the guidance below to get yourself through the festive period with lots of energy and no weight gain!

Portion and choice control

We are not designed to eat large portions. Simple.  Enjoy your xmas foods but have it in smaller portions.  Large meals will cause a massive rush of calories, a major cause of weight gain.  This is often followed by an inevitable slump.

The best approach is enjoy a little of the Christmas food you enjoy, just spread it into smaller portions.

Xmas dinner in itself is a good meal.  Opt for a small plate if this helps, and aim for 25% lean protein (turkey!) and heaps of veggies.  One small dessert is allowed, after all it is xmas!


Plan some training in and around the Christmas period.  Book in with a friend on Boxing Day if you need to.  Maybe even try something different to your normal routine if you have the time off work.  Interval Training is superb for burning extra calories, as well as boosting fitness back up quickly.

Sweet stuff

There will inevitable be lots of sweet treats floating around.  Eating lots of these foods and little else will leave you feeling as rough as a badgers backside.  Have a little, enjoy it, leave the rest alone!


Among all the processed food it is possible to find some natural options. Fresh fruit is welcomed  by the body and a few raw nuts or dried fruits are great.


The calorie content of alcohol and the hangover effects are obvious.  Something to consider is the lack of judgement after a few glasses, and no not who you’re kissing under the mistletoe!

Be aware of the American Size superbag of crisps or the 2 kilos of chocolate on the table.  These foods will have a killer impact on top of the alcohol.


Above all enjoy the holidays.  A merry Christmas to all!